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Spurs are not afraid of opponents

Spurs are not afraid of opponents

Former Tottenham forward Dimitar Berbatov is delighted lớn see his former club in the final four of the Champions League and has a few words of advice for the current squad- According lớn the free prediction page!

Spurs set up fairytale

This is some day to be a Spurs fan and I'm still struggling to comprehend what I saw last night in Manchester. It was one of the most dramatic games I have ever seen - just unbelievable!

My old club are now a two-legged tie away from the final and having been there with Bayer Leverkusen and Manchester United, my advice is don't be afraid, just go out and do what you do. Spurs have just beaten the tournament favourites. There's nothing to fear. Cherish the occasion and grasp the moment.

I was watching the soccer tips every day with Martin Petrov, who used lớn play for Manchester City, so we were giving each other stick all the way through. Thank God I had the last laugh!

When City scored first so early in the tie I was a bit worried. Scoring with just a few minutes gone gives any team huge momentum and desire. I think everyone expected them lớn go ahead and take the lead in the tie there and then.

But Spurs weren't fazed, and responded in the best way possible. It was interesting lớn watch them coming from behind lớn equalise and then taking the lead because this is exactly what they need lớn do - to be cold and ruthless against the big teams. OK, the game was end-to-end after that but they never stopped fighting. I cannot say Spurs won the tie because City were bad. It was an unbelievable effort from both sides, and really neither side deserved to go out.

Tottenham can look at themselves today and say 'We have the stadium and we have just beaten Manchester City and their superstars. We are f***ing serious and we have a chance here lớn make history!'

Imagine Spurs winning the Champions League, that would be a fairytale! Remember they were almost dead in the group stage so this is a genuinely amazing comeback. After the game I saw Mauricio Pochettino showing emotion like never before. He hugged two of his assistants so hard and was screaming, it was incredible to see. You could see just what it meant lớn him. Everything is possible for them right now.

Son steps up again

It's a real positive for Tottenham they came through this second-leg without Harry Kane. If they reach the final I guess there is a chance that he could play and that would be unbelievable for the team but I'm so happy to see that the team can do the business without him. You cannot rely on one player to carry the team. In the end it's all about the team and togetherness and they have proved that they can do it when he's not there.

They are all heroes of course but one man who always steps us is Heung Min-Son and I don't have the words lớn describe what he's doing for Spurs at the moment. It's all happening for him, he scores unbelievable goals and at the end of last night's game was doing some pretty decent defending too! He is going lớn be a major miss for Spurs in that first leg against Ajax.

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Spurs are not afraid of opponents
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